I usually make good well thought out decisions.

Are usually make good well thought out decisions but not on this day. On Sunday I was rafting with Claire and Justin and their friend Kevin all of our kids down the Yellowstone and we were having a great time. Then when we stopped for lunch at a little island beach we were all playing around having fun and I decided to try to walk out on the tip of a fallen oak tree. This proved to not be one of my best decisions in life and I knew it as I was falling back first onto a bed of river rocks. The initial pain sent me into somewhat of a shock state and I was a bit delirious but I knew I was in serious trouble because I had never felt that sort of the “wind being knocked out of you.”

Luckily I was with some good folks who put together a good exit strategy and we rafted for about another hour down the river to the take out where they hustled to get the trucks get us loaded and get me to the hospital. At the hospital where you took x-rays and CT scan and waited for the results only to find out what we probably already knew broken clavicle & broken rib. There was a small internal bleed which is believed to have been caused by a piece of the broken clavicle against a vein or artery so the doctor made the decision to transfer me to Billings hospital where they could better research and handle my case if it did turn out to be something that needed surgery. Luckily no surgery was needed but the broken clavicle is actually broken in three places and the broken rib is actually three broken ribs on my backside at the top of my rib cage. I also have a sprained left ankle and hyperextended thumb. Not a bad days work for one poor decision eh?

This brings me to today where I am trying to recover as fast as possible at least well enough to get behind the wheel of buddy the RV and start making our way home. Hopefully I am well enough soon enough to make her way home and still stop for a couple adventures along the way. I would like to thank Justin Claire and Kevin for their hard work to get me off of that island and do a boat down to the take out as fast as they did and then get me to the hospital it is much appreciated. I would also like to thank my kids Ava and Edward for everything they’ve been doing to help me now that I can’t help myself so well.

I hope this is the last time I have to write about a decision that turned bad on this trip.

The raft trip was perfect up until this point though. We were having a great time and I did manage to get a few pictures.

We also took the time to create this little river memorial for Ranaye and left some of her on the Yellowstone in Montana.